LOVE… actions that change the world

The infrastructure is the base in starting many projects to work with people. In Guatemala 60% of public infrastructures in schools, health centers, social rooms, etc. are in bad condition.

The environment where a person grows is vital for their development. Providing a strong, healthy infrastructure allows for better hygiene; helps children learn better, and builds security for the people of the village. Security is very important because most of the villages are in high-risk areas without necessary services for daily life. Read more…


How can I help?

You can be part of these projects too. We are always in need of more hands and hearts willing to serve and love others. You are welcome to come to Guatemala and be part of the work God is doing here in so many different ways with whatever skills God has given you.

Join us to keep sowing seeds of love!


Public School Playground, Izabal.


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