During the last several years, La Misión started assisting poverty stricken families in the Puerto Barrios region of Guatemala (nicknamed “the hot place”). During short term medical mision trips to the area, food was also brought to feed more than thirty families daily.

The reason?

Eighty percent (80%) of children in “the hot place” have chronicle poor nutrition and their parents do not have sufficient income to provide food for their family.


The “Orellanas” is one of those families. They came to a clinic we were providing in Sarita. The children were so weak that they were almost unable to walk by themselves. The mother’s blood sugar was extremly low, only registering at a three (3.0) when the normal for a woman should be at least fourteen (14.0). It was a miracle just to see her alive! Now, her blodd sugar has returned to normal thanks to the food we were able to bring to this family through this feeding program.


Just in this year La Misión, with the help of these supporters providing the financial support to this program, has donated more than 5,000 pounds of rice, black beans and protein milk to families in need in the Puerto Barrios region of Guatemala. That alone is enough to prace God! However, the best part in all of this, this has become the great opportunity we have had to pray for and share the Gospel with these families.


We would like to take the nutrition of our children to new heights!!!

This is only possible with, and truly greatfull for, the help of those who have supported, and continue to support, this beautiful program that is not just bringing happiness to homes, but is also bringing good health to the

If you are currently part of this program, we thank you very much!
Your support means, not only physical life for someone, but the hope for a spiritual one by having the opportunity to hear the Gospel.
If you would like to make a financial donation to buy food for these families, please join us in making the difference in the future of these lives!

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