Eighty percent (80%) of children in rural areas of Puerto Barrios have chronic malnutrition. Their parents do not have sufficient income to provide food for their family. La Misión began assisting the poverty stricken families in this region in 2009.

We would like to take the nutrition of our children to new heights!!!

With the help of our feeding program supporters, poor families in the Puerto Barrios region of Guatemala have received more than 5,000 pounds of rice, black beans and protein nutritional supplements. That alone is enough to praise God, but the best opportunity we have had has been to pray for and share the Gospel with these families.

We are grateful for those who are currently involved with our feeding program. Your support means physical health and hope for a spiritual life by having the opportunity to hear the Gospel.

If you would like to be a part of providing nutrition for a family in a rural community of Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, you can make a financial donation through

Please join us in making a difference and feeding a hungry family!



The Orellanas is one of the families that have received food from La Misión. When we first met them, they had come to a clinic in Sarita. The children were so weak that they were almost unable to walk by themselves. The mother’s blood sugar was extremely low, only registering at a three (3.0). The normal value for a woman should be no less than fourteen (14.0). It was a miracle just to see her alive. That is when La Misión intervened and provide the Orellanas with rice, beans, and nutritional supplements. The children began to grow and flourish, and the mother’s blood sugar returned to normal. Thanks to the food we were able to provide for this family through this feeding program, they have a healthy future and know that God heard their prayers and provided for them.