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WHO: Erick
WHAT: Inguinal Hernia Repair
WHEN: October 16-20)
WHERE: Guatemala City, Guatemala
HOW MUCH: $1,300


Erick is a young man (18 yrs old) from San Miguelito in the rural villages of Puerto Barrios. Ten years ago after the birth of the last of nine children (ages ranging from 10-29 yrs old), his mother was diagnosed and treated for cancer. After seven long months of being here in Guatemala City away from her family, she passed away, leaving her family to care for themselves. Currently there are twelve people living in their house; the father, Erick, five sisters, three brother, and two nephews. With this many people to provide for, money for other expenses is almost non-existent, and therefore, health conditions go untreated.

In June, Erick noticed something was not right and went to the national hospital in Puerto Barrios. The doctors told him that they would need to send him to Guatemala City for more texts and exams. Erick knew that this would not be possible, and returned home to his family.

Erick’s family are Christians. His father used to be a pastor, and the whole family has attended the Christian church in their village for the past ten years. They have been praying for an answer to how they could help Erick. Their prayers were heard, and we (La Misión) hope to be the ones God has sent to be his hands to heal Erick.

While attending classes in a nearby village, San Pedro, one of the elders asked if Erick would be willing to help organize the villagers in one of the La Misión clinics. On the second day of the clinics, the village elder asked if Erick could be seen by one of the doctors. Dr. Tito spoke with and examined Erick to find that he had an inguinal hernia. An inguinal hernia is a painful spot in the groin where part of the abdominal wall and/or intestine protrudes through the abdominal muscles. It will not improve on its own and can lead to further life-threatening complications, therefore, surgical repair is often preformed. With this diagnosis by Dr. Tito, we began the discussing Erick coming to Guatemala City for further testing, a consult with our surgeon, Dr. Lenin, and the possibility of surgery to repair the hernia.

Erick and his two brothers have been working with their father on their plantations growing corn, beans, sweet potatoes, plantains, bananas, and harvest the wood from their trees over the past two years. The agreement La Misión made with Erick’s family was that if they could provide the bus fare to get Erick to Guatemala City, La Misión would help provide the expenses for the tests and surgery. Therefore, the family worked very hard over the past week to be able to afford the bus ticket for Erick. Yesterday (Sunday, October 15), Erick woke up in his village at 6 am, traveled to Puerto Barrios for an 8 am bus. He traveled through traffic and construction to finally arrive in Guatemala City at 4 pm. Today (October 16), Erick is undergoing the tests and examinations necessary to decide the best possible procedure to undergo surgery and repair the hernia while he is here in Guatemala City. We are hoping to have Dr. Lenin complete the surgery in the next couple of days so that Erick will have time to recover before heading back to his village in Puerto Barrios.

Will you help La Misión be the healing hands of God to preform Erick’s “miracle” surgery? A surgery that he and his family did not think would be possible but for which they “pray[ed] without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17) trusting that God would hear their prayers and send someone to heal His son? If you would like to be a part of Erick’s story, please donate to “La Misión—Erick” through Reach Beyond Borders: http://www.reachbeyondborders.org/donate