Vocational School

project overview

La Misión has a two-fold plan for the Puerto Barrios Vocational School Project. First, is to implement an education program to teach and/or train young adults a new vocation. Second, is to provide a location to introduce the Gospel by having Bible teaching and devotionals on site.

The La Misión Vocational School Education Program will be a program for short-term or long-term mission instructors from the United States with skills in different vocations. They will come to Guatemala and teach different vocations to the young adults in the villages of Puerto Barrios. For example, someone who sews using a sewing machine could come to Guatemala and teach the women in the villages how to use a sewing machine. These women could then clothe their family, as well as, have a possible vocation for income. Other examples would be an electrician, plumber, or someone with construction skills could come to Guatemala and teach these vocations to the villagers. These new vocations could not only benefit the villagers own personal home but also lead to employment in the area he/she is trained and therefore, provide income for their family.

La Misión’s plan for the Vocational School Project will include a way to introduce the Gospel through Christian based fellowship groups. In the rural villages of Puerto Barrios, those who are not currently working often have excess free time. This often leads to problems in the community. To help combat this, we would use the vocational school to hold Bible studies and devotionals. By being able to provide a place for young adults to learn a vocation and learn about the Gospel, we hope to not only improve education and the physical structures of the community, but also improve the spiritual morals and values of the people in these communities.

project plan

The Puerto Barrios Vocational School Project will be one of the many projects that will span over the next ten years. As La Misión begins these projects, the first phase will be to find and purchase land and/or a building in the Puerto Barrios region. If we are able to purchase land, we would start by building the vocational school, while leaving space to later add other buildings, such as a dormitory for our vocational school instructors, a surgical clinic, etc. Currently, La Misión has an architect working on blueprints for the vision God has given us for the vocational school facility.

We are praying and listening to God for guidance as we pursue this project. We have received many ideas as well as prospects and are continuing to research our options. God may lead us to a vacant property where we must build or a property that has a structure already present. With God’s provision and the teams that come to serve with us, we will be able to make improvements needed to see the vision for the vocational school become a reality. Please join us in praying for this project!