About US

"Fundacion La Mision"


We see communities and individuals transformed through the example of Jesus, learning principles and values from the Bible, through integral programs and then produce change to transform others.



To promote the integral development of the Guatemalan communities in need, guiding and empowering each individual, so they can know God and fulfill their purpose in their lives and communities.









"Fundación La Misión"

  • Dr. Pedro (Tito) Palacios was called to serve God and his country in 2002.

  • La Misión was established in March 2009.

  • Currently, we have five areas of ministry:

  • Medical, dental, and optical mobile medical clinics

  • Encouraging, equipping, and discipling leaders from local churches

  • Construction in rural communities

  • Education through scholarship sponsorships

  • Providing nutrition to the malnourished

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La Misión was established in March 2009. Dr. Pedro (Tito) Palacios is the founder of La Misión and received his call to service in 2002. He was originally commissioned by America Latina School to start a ministry doing medical clinics throughout Guatemala. Dr. Tito started without a team, without equipment, and without connections in the community.

Over the years He has built a strong team of doctors, dentists, and a network of volunteers all with hearts ready and willing to serve the Lord and the Guatemalan people. God has put it on our hearts to expand the ministry beyond clinics. We are seeking God and believing that He will do far more than we could ever imagine or dream. He has been faithful thus far, and we trust He will continue to be faithful as we seek to serve Him in all we do.

Currently we have five main areas of ministry. Our mobile medical, dental, and optical clinics travel throughout Guatemala, while administrative work at the office of La Misión in Guatemala City continues daily. Secondly, we partner with local churches to help encourage, equip, and disciple leaders who will impact many. The third area of ministry is in community construction. Here we have projects that build or renovate churches, schools, other community buildings, etc. Our fourth area of ministry is with education through scholarship programs to provide the necessary funding for school-aged children, young adults attending universities, or adults learning vocational trades.

Finally, La Misión’s ministry includes providing nutrition to the malnourished, and agricultural and livestock programs to improve health through sustainable disease prevention and nutrition practices.

During our “clinic season” months, the La Misión staff and volunteer teams from the United States visit each of the clinical locations at least twice. Although a large part of the clinical service occurs during Clinic Season, the clinical team regularly visits each area throughout the year for follow‐up appointments and health care sessions as needed. We hope to continue to network and partner with people like you who have God inspired creative initiative to see the expansion of the Kingdom of God.