Kitchen’s Construction

Most of the schools have kitchens improvised with wooden walls and straw ceilings, they do not use stoves but rather make a kind of bonfire with wooden logs to cook on them. Because of this, we have found many chronic diseases and malnutrition problems in children, and families’ health is also affected by the smoke of the improvised «stoves» in the kitchen.

A couple of years ago, we built two kitchens in two of the communities we work with called Sarita and Lampara, which was a great blessing for entire families, approximately 450 families benefited from this project.

We put a special roof and stoves, that helped people inside will cook in a place that is not too hot and the smoke gets outside of the kitchen, also we built a place where all the children wash their hands before taking their meal. 

Our goal is for malnutrition to disappear completely. For the same reason we have thought of taking this project to different schools, with this project we will be able to benefit the children and their families, avoiding diseases caused by lack of hygiene and smoke when cooking.

Sarita’s Village Kitchen



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