Library Project

We want to thank Faith Bible Church for all the support and special donations they made to the Mission to carry out the construction of the library at Sarita’s school. We know that this project will bring a lot of blessing to the children of this school, we have a vision that not only will it be a library but there will also be a computer room for the children to learn about many things.

In February we continued our medical days, thanks to our friends from Texas and the Reach Beyond Borders group we worked on building the library and the medical clinics in a week at the same time. It was a week with long days of work, we are happy because we moved forward with the building project by putting wooden doors and windows in the library, many materials went up in price and the costs went up for this project. We know that there is still much to do and much to build but we are confident that God will provide. August 09 2023

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