March and June Report

If we could use a word to describe these last months lived in the Mission, we would choose “Mercy”, God surprises us with his unconditional love manifested in compassion and love for us and also for the children of the different villages where we have served for a long time.

To tell a bit of history, Lámpara, one of the villages we visit often, has a population of approximately 800 people, currently the school is attended by 198 children. The mission started with the scholarship project at the school a couple of years ago where only 13 children were sponsored, we know the need there and the importance of children having a healthy development. 

Our purpose is to get a bible teacher for Lampara School, we know the importance of learning about God and how He can impact the lives of each Kid in the future.

Scholarship programs have a mission for the kids, so every one of them can develop properly, continue their education, and most importantly get out of the malnutrition zone where they actually find it.

Giving you nutritious food is a very good way to do it, unfortunately, the costs are high to be able to supply all your needs, but we believe that for God there is nothing impossible, and He uses many of you to make the impossible possible.

Thanks to the unity, love, and support they have given these children, they have gone from 13 children to 58 sponsored children. Thanks to God’s mercy more children now have the help they need for better growth and you are part of this great blessing.

We are happy to see the hand of God in the midst of this project and to see how God uses people to bless others, we faithfully believe that many more children would receive this help.

Lampara Village

We spent a day in Lampara sharing with the children, playing, taking weight and height, creating profiles, taking pictures, and we visited 3 families with very limited resources to whom we gave water filters. While all this was happening, our dentists treated 35 children with special cases of dental problems. It was a blessed and successful journey, we give glory to God for that.

Medical Clinics

Despite different difficulties the journey was carried out, We began by receiving a group from Portland “ Naji Team” where we made the necessary preparations to bless the people of the village of Lamp and Hope of the Sea

The participation of the community was fundamental to achieving the impact that we had in these villages, the people came very grateful to receive the medical care and the service that we provided them, and it should be noted that we took the opportunity to share the word, the love and the mercy of God.

We have much to thank and just as mercy is done to us so let us also do to others.

But go and learn what this means: “What I ask of you is mercy and not sacrifice.” For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners. Matthew 9:13

Vista Hermosa Village

Vista Hermosa is a small village, we had a blessed week, and we were able to treat 153 patients. This is a very special village for us because they receive us warmly with big smiles on their faces and they always open their door to us. We took the time to get closer to people through prayer, each family shared the requests that were in their hearts.

We want to ask you to help us pray for the lives of these people.

Because of the work of the spouses or parents, unfortunately, the work in the communities is very scarce and these people find themselves in the need to migrate to the United States looking for a job to be able to work. Several families shared this request.

Other families asked for rain, but due to the lack of rain there is a shortage of water, rivers and water springs have dried up, and many people showed their concern about the shortage of water in these places.

Many people pray for health problems, feel tired, and lack much strength. Let us pray that God will renew your strength and restore the health of these people.

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