February Trip Report

Our friends from Dallas, Seattle, and Houston came to do something different that we had not been able to do for a long time, a week where we were working with 40 people, all working together as a team with the same goal but with different assignments. Each person put their gifts and talents to God’s service in Sarita village, thanks to this we were able to bless an entire community. During this week we had the opportunity to work on the construction of Jefferson’s house, installing doors and building windows. 

We carried out activities with children to whom we gave food supplements, shoes, backpacks, and repairs to some areas of the school. We also shared Bible lessons with them, teaching God’s Love.  We made our medical, dental, and eye clinic, giving treatments to each of the 186 patients seen during the week. A group of people went to install 12 ecological stoves, they had the opportunity to pray for each family. The sponsors met with their children, exchanged laughs, hugs, gifts, and time, and took the opportunity to get to know them better. A very busy week with many activities to do, yet the purpose of each trip was present, to share the love of Jesus with the people.

The women of Seattle once again followed Jesus’s example and showed love to the women of Sarita village with an act of humility and service, washing their feet, just as Jesus did to his disciples (John 11:35), 50 women were pampered with a little foot massage and nails painting, in the middle of smiles they shared the Scriptures.

Let us remember that everything is possible to the one who believes, no matter the situation we are going through, let us only have faith that God is in control, let us believe that He listens to us, He is on our side. Let us fulfill what He sends us to do, let us be a light and a blessing for other people.

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